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Area of focus in madagascar

Our work is centered on and has commenced in the local Commune of Beavoha which is in the district Betioky Sud, South West Madagascar. The Madagascar National Park - Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve is located in the Beavoha Commune.

Mission statement

Working with national and local authorities and the Mahafaly people we are focusing our finances and skills in the following areas:

Animal Welfare:
- Feral companion animal v wildlife impact assessment
- Veterinary work - Vaccination campaigns against Rabies and Anthrax

  • Education at primary school level:

- Animal welfare
- Caring for the environment
- Personal and the community’s future prosperity

    We are a not-for-profit group of volunteer veterinarians, veterinary nurses and assistants.
    We welcome your support, encouragement and, if you feel adventurous, help as a volunteer.

Animal Welfare

objective 1 - building a database of the dogs and cats

Our first survey took place in July 2011 and this will be repeated in July 2012.

objective 2 - annual rabies and anthrax vaccinations

The local veterinarian will deliver both campaigns.
We are financing both campaigns.
Our local partners are the:
- Mayor of the Commune of Beavoha, and
- Presidents of all 7 villages.

Education at Primary SChool Level

objective 1 - building 2 primary rural schools


These schools will provide primary school education to children in 2 villages in the Commune of Beavoha called Ampitagnabo and Miary. Neither villages have a school nor is there a nearby school that is easily and safely accessible.

We are financing the construction of these 2 schools.

Our local partners are the:
- Mayor of the Commune of Beavoha, and
- Presidents of both villages, and
- Madagascar National Parks and Aide and Action International. The technical partners of the “Educational Municipal Development Plan”

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